Lecture by RTI International Data Research Center's Georgiy Bobashev 'Modeling of data, with the help of data and instead of data'

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On February 14, ITMO University will host a lecture by Georgiy Bobashev, a research associate at the RTI International Data Reseach Center (the US), titled 'Modeling of data, with the help of data and instead of data'. 

Data science offers a wealth of exciting opportunities for generating knowledge. But what kind of knowledge are we talking about? Forecasting models that are based on past data can predict future results, but these models aren't that good at explaining cause-and-effect relationships that lead to these specific results. Vice versa, mechanical models can uncover the complex interaction between the main processes, but their adjustment and testing is often impossible. Uniting the two approaches in a semi-mechanical model can prove to be the win-win combination.

Gerogiy Bobashev will talk about the place agent-based modeling holds amongst other methods used in social modeling. The researcher will also give examples of cases where mathematical modeling was succesfully combined with machine learning to give answers to the important questions on the speading of diseases or calculation of data of medical examinations.

The lecture will be given in English.

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