2019 Design Week in St. Petersburg: the project "The Art of Light/Designing Emotions" and other events

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The St. Petersburg Union of Designers presents the project "The Art of Light/Designing Emotions" as part of the 2019 Design Week in St. Petersburg.

The event will feature works and presentations by local designers and artists who interact with light in their works and want to spread the message about the nature of light and its many applications in art, design, and beyond, as well as discuss the role of light in popular culture. 

Modern art often draws on scientific discoveries, and designers' works can be increasingly seen as resembling experimental scientific developments. The project "The Art of Light/Designing Emotions" aims to showcase the works that managed to capture that which is the fastest in the universe, and to demostrate its beauty within the medium of static objects. The project represents a platform that can be used to showcase the importance of light in design. 

The project is curated by Natalia Yukhta, board member of the St. Petersburg Union of Designers, chair of the section "Media Design", and Polina Sluzkaya, creative director and board member of the St. Petersburg Union of Designers. 

The program of St. Petersburg Design Week 2019 also includes a wide range of other events, namely:

  • May 29, 5-5.45 pm: The lecture "Change of strategy. Milan. Euroluce 2019", as presented by Maria Morozova, designer, decorator, member of the Union of Artists, deputy director for the development of new trends at the Art Future Design School.
  • May 30, 11-11.45 am: The lecture "Light as a tool of influence. An environment that affects people, and people that affect an environment. New research in the field of light design by the specialists of ITMO University's Creative Lighting Department", as given by Daria Chirimisina, Master of Technical Physics (ITMO University, Master's program in Lighting Design), winner of the international professional award in the field of innovative light design "LIT Design Awards 2017", and co-developer of the educational module "Evaluation of Perception (Visual, Cognitive, Emotional)" of ITMO University's international Master's program in Lighting Design.
  • May 31, 6-7.45 pm: Workshop in fluorescent painting, as given by Ilya Kreidun, artist and founder of the Eos fluorescent painting courses. 

More information is available on the official website of the 2019 Design Week in St. Petersburg. 


Everyone is very welcome to participate.


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