Osaka University's Satoshi Kawata lecture "Raman microscopy and nano-visualization for the analysis of nanomaterials"

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On June 17, Satoshi Kawata, professor at Osaka University, will come to ITMO University to give an open lecture "Raman microscopy and nano-visualization for the analysis of nanomaterials". 

Pr. Satoshi Kawata is one of the leading pioneers in the field of near-field optics (the inventor of tip-enhanced near-field microscopy), three-dimensional microscopy (laser CT microscopy, 3D data storage), plasmoics (SPR sensors, plasmon holography, plasmon laser, plasmonic microscopy), two-photon engineering (two-photon polymerization, two-photon isomerization, two-photon photorefraction, two-photon SPP, etc), bio-imaging, and signal recovery. The scientist's full biography and publications can be found here

Satoshi Kawata now serves as a professor at Osaka University's Photonics Center and a honorary scientist of RIKEN, Japan’s largest and most comprehensive research organization for basic and applied science.


ITMO University's PhD students and teaching and research staff are invited to participate.


ITMO University's International Research and Educational Center for Physics of Nanostructures