Quantitative Finance Workshop

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On July 20, Quantitative Finance Workshop, Russia's first free workshop on the subject, will be held by the platform QuantNet in St. Petersburg.

Featuring practical advice, real cases and one-on-one consultations by the architects, developers and data scientists of the QuantNet platform, the event will be useful to those wanting to immerse themselves in data science to learn how it can be used for forecasting the dynamics of the world financial markets.

The workshop will allow you to:

  • learn more about Data Science, algorithmic trading, and how to achieve success in these fields;
  • write and test an effective trading strategy;
  • get an one-on-one consultation from the architects, developers and practicing data scientists;
  • take part in a competition for the most effective strategy with a prize draw of 500,000 rubles.

The workshop is aimed at the beginners and continuing learners in the field of data science, but even professional researchers and practitioners will be able to learn something new thanks to individual consultations with the QuantNet specialists.

Among the skills needed to participate are: good command of mathematical simulation methods, linear algebra, differential equations, probability theory and theory of statistical inference, as well as a basic knowledge of Python.

Please register here to participate. All participants will be given homework which they will be required to do as part of their participation.

Full information on the event and its program can be found on its official website


The workshop is aimed at beginning and continuing learners in the field of data science.




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