Dream Team Workshop

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On February 5, 2020, ITMO University will host the Dream Team Workshop organized by lecturers teaching Soft Skills disciplines at the university.

The participants of the workshop will learn to form good teams and discuss the following topics:

- myths about teambuilding;
- what makes a good team;
- roles in teams and types of role models;
- motivation and approaches to people with different values.

The event will be held in two parts:

1. Introductory part for all participants;
2. Practical part (participants will work in small groups in a game format).

The workshop will last for about three hours.


Anyone interested in invited to participate.


ITMO University lecturers teaching Soft Skills


Yulia Romanenko

Е-mail: yulia_romanenko@itmo.ru

+7 (921) 423-46-49

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