Workshop on Public Speaking

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On March 4, 2020, ITMO University will host a workshop on public speaking taught by ITMO University lecturers specializing in Soft Skills disciplines.

This workshop focuses on the key principles of public speaking and the following topics:

- techniques for overcoming fear and excessive excitement;

- verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication;

- the basics of public speaking;

- establishing contact with the audience and hold the audience's attention;

- the structure of speech.

The program of the event will include:

  1. Introductory part on the basics of public speaking for all participants;
  2. Practical part: work in small groups in one of the following tracks:

• Presentation. How to make interesting reports, present your projects, speak to potential investors and company heads, and much more.

• Persuasive speech and argumentation. How to sell your idea or product, how to choose arguments to defend your position, how to work with objections and defend your point of view when working in a team.

• Storytelling. How to motivate others with your speech, inspire your team and get out of crisis situations with the help of a strong story.

The workshop will last for 3 hours.


Everyone interested is invited to participate. Register in advance.


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