DemoDay of the international summer startup school SumIT

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On August 30, 2019, the DemoDay of the international summer startup school SumIT will take place at ITMO University's Entrepreneurship Center. Presenting their projects to the judges and guests will be participants from four countries: Russia, Finland, China and Bangladesh. 

Over the course of two weeks, the aspiring startupers partook in an intensive course which allowed them to learn about the foundations of customer development, business modeling, and financial planning of marketing and PR communications; meet practicing entrepreneurs and experts in the field; participate in traction meetings and workshops; and gear up for presenting their projects to the public. 

The following startups will present their projects on DemoDay:

  • AppIt is a fully automated platform for creating mobile applications in a few clicks by way of ready-made templates and integration with popular development services. B2B, micro/small/medium businesses, monthly subscription. Its other advantages include cost reduction, improved design, and cool functionality;
  • Zabota is a mobile app that teaches users how to sort rubbish in the game format;
  • ThankYou is an app that helps street musicians get more donations and fans. Each musician is allocated with an individual QR code that links directly to the musician's personal page with an opportunity to make a donation by credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. ThankYou expands buskers' possibilities to interact with their with audiences: fans can subscribe to the notifications of upcoming concerts, comment and rate the tracks;
  • Languages Learning is an app which aims to facilitate the foreign language learning process, offering an increased comfort of use thanks to a user-friendly interface, access to native speakers and community support. 

The panel of judges includes:

  • Alexey Tolmachev, Managing Partner at ITMO Venture Partners;
  • Olga Merkulova, Project Manager at the St. Petersburg Organization of Business Angels (SOBA);
  • Andrey Satin, Executive Director of;
  • Elena Klimshina, Project Manager at the Ingria business incubator.


10:00 – welcome reception and coffee

10:30 – opening address by the SumIT 2019 coordinators 

11:00 – pitch session of the SumIT 2019 projects

12:30 – closing remarks, awards ceremony

13:00 – networking

15:00 – conclusion of the event

The event will be held in English.

Admission is free. Please register here to attend. 


Everyone is invited to participate.


ITMO University's Entrepreneurship Center


phone: +7 (812) 457 15 41