Open lectures by University of Tehran professor Mehdi Mehrpooya "Natural gas liquefaction: introduction, basic concepts, processes and refrigeration systems"

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On September 9, 2019, Mehdi Mehrpooya, a prominent Iranian scientist (h-index 36) in the field of liquefied natural gas engineering and technology and professor at the University of Tehran, will give the open lectures "Natural gas liquefaction: introduction and basic concepts" and "Natural gas liquefaction: processes and refrigeration systems" at ITMO University. 

Professor Mehrpooya joined ITMO to pursue research in the field of natural gas liquefaction under the ITMO Fellowship program. Mehdi Mehrpooya currently works at the Department of Renewable Energies and Environment of the University of Tehran. Prof. Mehrpooya, who has published over 130 papers in leading science journals, conducts research in the fields of electrochemistry, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering, actively cooperating with Iran's largest companies. Among the researcher's key scientific focuses are design and optimization of renewable energy systems; hydrogen energy and electrochemistry; electrocatalysts used for the oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells; electrochemical energy storing; solar power plants.

The lectures' topics are:

  1. Natural gas liquefaction: introduction and basic concepts (18:40 – 19:40);
  2. Natural gas liquefaction: processes and refrigeration systems (19:50 – 20:50).


Everyone is welcome to attend.


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