ITMO DigiEduHack: Uniting Education and Technologies

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Implemented in the framework of the European Commission’s  and coordinated by Aalto University (Finland) with the assistance of EIT Climate-KIC,  aims to consolidate a global community of experts, as well as to develop and promote the most promising projects in the field of digital education.

On October 3, this global initiative will bring together hundreds of participants from all over the world (the full list of countries is available ), making up some 50 teams, which will take part in hackathons at various venues around the world.

Organized by ITMO University’s Department for Educational Policy, ITMO DigiEduHack will be the only such hackathon in Russia. Held at ITMO University campus on Birzhevaya Line 14, the hackathon will involve ITMO University Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students, as well as lecturers and researchers.

Hackathon tracks:

- IA in education,
- VR and AR in education,
- Gamification in education.

To participate:

- Pick a track based on what technologies you think have the most potential to change the future.

- Build a team. It's best to come with your own team but you can also register as an individual, in which case, a team will be assigned to you at the beginning of the contest.

- Register yourself and your team before September 25.

- Come to the Business Incubator on Birzhevaya Liniya 14 on October 3 at 10 am.


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