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On November 5-21, ITMO University's Personal Development Center will host a two-week online marathon "Career Guide".

The career development process has many factors that propel us to our professional goals or, vice versa, prevent us from moving forward. And all too often we don't quite understand why we've chosen this particular degree, profession or company, or don't know which aspects it's important to pay attention to when making our next career choice. 

If you:

  • are thinking of making your next career move;
  • are looking for an internship or your first job;
  • are deciding whether to stay or to move on;
  • want to have a better understanding of your motives, talents and values –

we'll be very glad to see you at our marathon!

The program will:

  1. introduce you to an intuitive model of four archetypes (R.Moore, D.Gillette);
  2. help you navigate the complex world of different teams, companies and corporate cultures;
  3. allow you to find your talents and strengths.

The marathon's format: eight classes with theory and hands-on practical tasks, complemented by a live chat for further practice and consolidation of knowledge. 

  • Introductory livestream will take place on November 5;
  • The official start of the two-week marathon is on November 7.


  1. Top five students will get individual coaching sessions with a professional career consultant;
  2. Those who do all the tasks will get professional evaluation results and recommendations. 

The experts leading the marathon:

  • Ilona Abanshina – business coach and cofounder of Lomonosov Moscow State University's mentors club with more than nine years of experience of developing company heads and staff of national and international companies, including Mars, Danone, Sberbank, Philip Morris, Unilever, Lukoil, Rosenergoatom, Megafon, and Rostelecom.
  • Olesya Kuneyko – business coach with over nine years of experience in the field of the selection and development of middle and high management staff at the companies Kelly Services and Ward Howell, director for business development.

Please register here to take part.


Everyone is very welcome to take part.


ITMO University's Personal Development Center