Dmitry Kolpashchikov's open lecture "DNA Nanotechnology" as part of "Molecular Biorobotics" course

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On December 23, as part of ITMO University's 120th anniversary celebrations, Dmitry Kolpashchikov will give an open lecture on "DNA Nanotechnology". The lecture forms part of the "Molecular Biorobotics" course.

Dmitry Kolpashchikov is a professor at the University of Central Florida (Orlando, the US) and ITMO University, and head of the Molecular Robotics and Biosensor Systems of ITMO's International SCAMT Laboratory. 

Prof. Kolpashchikov is an expert in the field of nucleic acid biochemistry, molecular diagnostics and DNA nanotechnology. He is the author of 70 publications and the winner of various awards from the scientific communities of Japan, the US, and Russia. The scientist's research interests include nucleic acid-based biosensors, bioorganic chemistry (irreversible inhibition, biochemistry of nucleic acids, structural and dynamic aspects of protein-ligand interaction, crosslinking of proteins and nucleic acids), as well as synthetic biology (structural DNA nanotechnology, logic circuits, biomolecular engineering).

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The event will be held as part of the Open Master's projects, a series of lectures by leading academics and staff of ITMO University, as well as its prominent graduates and experts representing its academic and business partners, presented in the framework of ITMO's Master's programs. The project brings together ITMO's past, present and future students and everyone interested in the topics discussed. This format gives a wide audience the opportunity to immerse themselves into the university atmosphere, take part in a scientific discussion on par with Master's students, obtain new knowledge and experience the exciting research vibe of Master's studies at ITMO.

More information about ITMO University's 120th anniversary celebrations can be found here


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