Professor Dage Sundholm's lecture series "Introduction to computational spectroscopy"

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On November 25-28, 2019, Prof. Dage Sundholm from the University of Helsinki, Finland, will deliver a series of lectures on "Introduction to computational spectroscopy" at ITMO University's SCAMT Laboratory.

Dage Sundholm is a professor of theoretical and computational chemistry (h = 46) at the University of Helsinki, Finland. During his first visit to ITMO University, Prof. Sundholm will deliver a brand-new lecture series covering aspects of computational chemistry and principles of spectroscopy. The students will learn to calculate the photoluminescence spectra of quantum dots and immerse themselves in computational studies of molecular optical properties. Dr. Dage Sundholm will also present cutting-edge material from his latest works.

Lectures schedule:

  • November 25, two lectures, 13:15 – 15:00;
  • November 26, three lectures, 10:15 – 13:00;
  • November 27, three lectures, 10:15 – 13:00;
  • November 28, two lectures, 10:15 – 12:00.

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Everyone is welcome to attend.


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