Seminar with representatives of Bosch company

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On November 29, ITMO University's assembly hall will host a seminar with the representatives of the Bosch company.

Dr. Uwe Iben (head of Technologies and Research Office) and Dr. Timofey Kruglov (chief engineer) will present a lecture on applied mathematics.

The seminar's participants will have an opportunity to discuss the problems of applied mathematics associated with the production of solutions that simulate equations modeling.

Among the topics discussed at the seminar will be the following:

  • modeling of solid/porous materials with the use of the discrete element method (DEM);
  • evaluation of the properties of particle movement (diffusion coefficient and conductivity coefficient) in solid and liquid substances;
  • application of these methods to supercapacitors, batteries, fuel cells, sensors and catalysts;
  • boundary element method (BEM) in hydrodynamics and electrodynamics. The Prandtl equation.

The topics will be illustrated with several examples from Bosch' research and engineering activities.


Everyone interested is invited to participate.


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