Public speaking workshop at ITMO University's Accelerator

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On January 25, starting from 4pm, ITMO University's Accelerator will host a public speaking workshop by Semyon Chernonozhkin, a coach at Gustav Kaser Training International (Switzerland).

The workshop aims to help participants prepare for demo days, exploring the topics of how to improve your public speaking and boost your skills. This is the last educational workshop of ITMO's pre-acceleration program.

The main theses:

  • Influence as a basis of everything;
  • The laws of influence;
  • Making mistakes;
  • The Neanderthal principle;
  • HADI cycles in public speaking.

The workshop will be delivered by Semyon Chernonozhkin, a coach at Gustav Kaser Training International (Switzerland), entrepreneur and co-owner of the project Mozgobojnya.

Please register here to attend.


Everyone is very welcome to attend.


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