Online Workshops by ITMO University’s Faculty of Digital Transformation

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What does “garbage in – garbage out” mean? What do you need to know in order to create a great forecast in the financial sector? Which methods of machine learning can help detect anomalies in hydrometeorological fields? These and other questions will be answered at workshops by the Faculty of Digital Transformation.

May 27 – Seismic Horizon Detection in the Amplitude Cube

The workshop is dedicated to applied seismic data analysis – to detecting seismic horizons in the amplitude cube. You will find out how to work with such data and what common mistakes occur.

The workshop will take place as part of the Big Data and Machine Learning Master’s program open day.

May 28 – Financial Time Series Forecasting

The workshop is dedicated to creating a model, which would allow us to forecast various values in finance and economics. You will find out how to forecast time series by taking into account relevant financial and economical data and will see examples of forecasting algorithms.

The workshop will take place as part of the Big Data in Financial Technologies  Master’s program open day.

May 29 – Detecting Anomalies in Hydrometeorological Fields via Сonvolutional Neural Networks

At the workshop, you will be able to see how to detect anomalies in climatic fields with the help of machine learning and how to process multidimensional dynamic data. You will also see a real-life example of solving a similar task: detecting anomalies in results of modeling Arctic climate via convolutional neural networks.

The workshop will take place as part of the Digital Geotechnologies Master’s program open day.

The workshops will be hosted by the employees of the National Center for Cognitive Technologies and Faculty of Digital Transformation.

You can learn about the Master’s programs application process and ask additional questions at the end of each workshop.

Each workshop starts at 6pm. You need to register in order to attend. You’ll be sent a link to the ZOOM conference a day before it takes place.


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