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GEEK PICNIC Online, the first online project by the most famous festival in Russia, will take place on June 27.

GEEK PICNIC Online is a unique experience that will allow you to explore new worlds. This year, the theme of the festival is “Multiverse”, so we won’t settle for just one reality!

Each guest will be able to talk with Albert Einstein, attend a party at the intergalactic station, walk the bottom of the Global Ocean, or have a cup of coffee with a professor in their microbiological lab.

ITMO University invites you to participate in several events as part of GEEK PICNIC Online.

1. Workshop on creating Instagram effects

Fans of Instagram who have always dreamed about having their own filter are welcome! We will walk you through all the details on how to create one.

Speaker – Polina Belokrenitskaya, artist, Master’s student of ITMO University’s Art & Science program, author of the projects “Meaningful Surnames” («Говорящие фамилии»), “Idioms” («Фразеологизмы»), and “The History Is Not for Sale” («История не продается»).

We ask all participants to download Spark AR and other additional materials that will be announced beforehand.

2. Animation workshop

You will be able to learn the basics of animation and working with Unity game engine, as well as to create your own little scenes with 3D models, set-up lighting, and cameras.

Speaker – Ethan Avila, director, artist, illustrator, and Master’s student of ITMO University’s Art & Science program from Mexico.

We ask all participants to download Unity 2019.4 beforehand (check system requirements here).

3. Science Talk “Limits Exist Only in Our Heads”

What’s new in nanotechnologies? Who created the smallest semiconductor laser in the world? How do junior researchers travel? Why Gosha wasn’t allowed to work as a koala bear?

That’s what we will discuss. We’ll meet you at the party!

Speaker – Gosha Zograf, PhD student at ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering.

4. “Do technologies exist?” quiz

Do you reckon artificial meat exists? How about smart diapers? Let’s check your expertise and creativity in a quiz by ITMO.

No googling allowed!

In order to participate, you need to register. You can find the full program on VK, Facebook, and Instagram.


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