Webinars on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning by the National Center for Cognitive Technologies

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ITMO University's National Center for Cognitive Technologies is launching a new series of scientific webinars. Every last Thursday of the month, we'll be delving into various topics in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

The majority of the webinars will be open: you'll only have to register in order to participate. You can join the scientific discussions as an active participant or listener. 

The next webinar will take place on July 2 and focus on the evolutionary computation theory tools and their applications. 

The schedule for the 2020 webinars has already been planned out, but the organizers will be taking listeners' feedback into account. You can submit your comments and wishes via this form or email them to nccr@itmo.ru indicating "Thursday seminars" as the subject. 


Everyone interested in cognitive technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence is welcome to participate. 


National Center for Cognitive Technologies