International Online Volunteering Camp Ecohabits

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The online volunteering camp Ecohabits will take place on August 3-7, aiming to help people analyze and reduce their environmental impact. 

If you're aware of the concept of environmental footprints and would like to start changing your habits in order to lower your environmental impact, this is the event for you. 

Over the course of a week, participants will be looking at different spheres of modern life from the environmental standpoint. The program includes discussions, business games, thematic quizzes, and many other fun and useful activities. Every participant will calculate their environmental impact before and after the quarantine and create a tracker of habits they'll continue to work on after the camp. 

What will you be doing?

  • Forming eco-friendly habits

Every day, you will do a series of tasks aimed at helping you form eco-friendly habits. 

  • Assessing your environmental impact 

Together with the speakers, you'll study the impact you make on the environment every time you do household chores, commute to work or university, purchase and cook food, as well as travel. With the help of workshops, discussions, assignments, and games, you'll learn about how environmental footprints are created and will calculate your own.

  • Developing a strategy

Last but not least, each participant will look into their own environmental impact and create a habit tracker to help them reduce it. 

The camp's working language is English.

Please register here to participate. 


All students are invited to participate.  


  • ITMO University's eco-club ITMO.GREEN
  • Interregional youth social movement for volunteering activities support SFERA