Online Open Day of the Master's Program in LED Technologies and Optoelectronics

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We may not be able to demonstrate the program's opportunities and meet our prospective students face-to-face, but we can do this online, because quarantine is not a reason to cancel important meetings.

On July 21, starting from 3pm, ITMO University will hold an online open day of the Master's program in LED Technologies and Optoelectronics

The program focuses on connecting theoretical and practical knowledge, studies and industrial technologies, and ensuring students' interaction with market leaders in the field of optoelectronics – everything a young Bachelor's graduate needs to start getting work experience and immerse themselves in their future profession. 

The event's program:

  • More on the Master's program;
  • Examples of notable research projects with students' participation in the field of LED technologies;
  • Presentation of unique equipment and laboratories the program's students work and develop with;
  • Ways to get admitted.

The open day's live stream will take place in the VK group for ITMO University's Master's studies. 

Please register here to attend. 


Everyone is very welcome to attend.


ITMO University