V International Conference on Metamaterials and Nanophotonics METANANO 2020

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For the last several years the METANANO conference has acquired a strong reputation among scientists and is attracting more and more participants every year from different scientific fields from fundamental research in Photonics and Plasmonics to business-oriented projects in RF technologies, Bionanotechnologies and Solar Energy.

This year we are expecting more than 500 participants, and more than 400 participants will deliver an oral or poster presentation.

Every day we have five parallel sessions. The topics include all-dielectric nanophotonics, graphene and 2D materials, advanced electromagnetic for MRI, advanced nanophotonic sensing and spectroscopy, Wireless power transfer, RF and Microwave Applications of Complex electromagnetic structures, metamaterials and metasurfaces, optomechanics and optical manipulation, topological states in classical and quantum systems etc.

Apart from the main program, we are organizing an industrial session and a round table discussion on ”Gender Diversity in Science“. The schedule is available here.


All students and staff members of ITMO University can join the conference as a participant. Send an email to info@metanano.itmo.ru to get access to METANANO 2020.


Department of Physics and Engineering at ITMO University