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The Career Starter Pack – a career marathon that will teach you how to look for a job and get it right – starts on October 19.

The Marathon will hold 11 online workshops that will help you:

    • understand what is happening on the market and how to look for a job in 2020-2021;
    • decide which companies are right for you;
    • discover all job search channels;
    • write a CV that won't go to waste;
    • learn what to write if you have no work experience yet;
    • get a ready-made plan on how to go from trainee to senior specialist.

    We invited experts from nine companies and asked them to go live and share their secrets about finding their first job. Our partners are Rambler Group, Okko, Avito, Yota, Selectel, Danone, Beeline, and many others.

    Each live session will end with a Q&A and exciting tasks to learn better useful tricks and tips.

    Together with experts from nine top companies, we will analyze:

      1. job search channels and their features;
      2. how to undergo a selection process;
      3. which fields are worth getting into and which companies, in general, are on the market.

      If you would like to take part in the marathon, please head here to register.


      All ITMO students and recent graduates who are about to start their careers are welcome to participate.


      • ITMO University’s Career Services Center
      • Budu – jobs and internships


      More information about the marathon is on the official website and telegram channel.

      ITMO University’s Career Services Center