Series of open lectures by Prof. John T. Sheridan

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From November 24 to December 4, University College Dublin professor John T. Sheridan will deliver a series of open lectures on the topic of Optical systems for recording, storing and displaying information.

The lectures will introduce students to the physical mechanisms that form the traditional approaches to bitwise and distributed (holographic) data recording based on light-induced transformations of various media that change their optical properties.

The course will include 6-12 online lectures conducted in English.

Schedule (lectures 1-6):

November 24. Lecture 1. Introduction:

    • General physical effects-scatter and diffraction;
    • Overview of holography;
    • Notation.

    Electromagnetic Modeling:

    November 25. Lecture 2:

    • Scatterers (volume holographic and surface relief gratings);
    • Two wave Kogelnik modeling of transmission gratings;
    • Reflections gratings.

    November 26. Lecture 3:

    • Polarisation effects;
    • Non-uniform gratings;
    • Simultaneous and sequential grating.

    November 27. Lecture 4:

    • More Rigorous Models;
    • Finite gratings.

    Materials and Material Modeling:

    November 30. Lecture 5. Introduction:

    • Self-processing photopolymers;
    • Non-Local and non-linear material responses.

    December 1. Lecture 6:

    • Photosensitiser;
    • Scheduling (page-wise storage);
    • Multilayers.

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