Food BioTech Conference 2021

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The International Food BioTech Conference will take place online on August 23-24, 2021. The conference has already brought together internationally renowned scholars, and we hope that you, too, will join this prestigious event on food biotechnologies in Russia. 

The Food BioTech Conference 2021 is a great chance to share your academic and clinical research, and find new scientific and industrial partners in several fields:

  • biotechnology, food, and nutrition;

  • functional foods and preventive medicine;

  • food quality, safety, and society;

  • food processing and process control;

  • sustainable consumption and production.

For more information, please visit the official website of the conference. To participate, you need to sign up here.


Anyone interested in food biotechnologies is welcome to participate


ITMO University’s School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems


Elizaveta Pomazkova

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