MRI Megagrant: Kickoff Meeting


In 2021, the research team of ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering received two megagrants to be used during the next three years.

As part of the international “Advanced quantitative technologies in MRI for determining the stages of inflammation and fibrosis as disease markers” project led by the French scientist David Bendahan, ITMO University will host a kickoff meeting on February 25, where researchers will discuss their scientific interests and future plans.

The event agenda:

    • The Quantitative MRI for Medical Applications (qMRI-MA): Scientific Targets and Ingredients by David Bendahan;
    • Metamaterial-Inspired and Ceramic-Based Structures for Clinical MRI Applications by Alena Shchelokova;
    • Deep Learning Methods for Image Postprocessing in MRI by Ekaterina Brui;
    • Quantitative Methods in MRI by Mikhail Zubkov;
    • Trends and Developments Shaping the Future of Diagnostic Imaging of Heart and Liver in Almazov Center by Vladimir Fokin;
    • Almazov Centre: Potential Areas of MRI Study and Data from our Previous Research by Olga Moiseeva;
    • Coffee break;

      • Deep Learning for Cardiac MRI Image Segmentation: from Data Acquisition to Segmentation Quality Control by Joris Fournel;
      • Multi-Echoes MRI in the Body: Imaging Fat and Beyond with QSM by Stanislas Rapacchi;
      • Round table.

      The meeting will be held in a hybrid format: offline – room 2535 (Jupiter), ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering (Lomonosova St. 9) and online – via Zoom.


      Everyone is welcome to participate. Registration is required.


      ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering