Art & Science Master's Program Open Day


The open day for the Master's program in Art & Science (Bioart: Biomedia and the New Nature) will take place on April 12, from 7 to 9 pm.

Bioartists are creative, extraordinary, and curious people looking for a connection between biology, nature, technology, and art. Learn more about the program’s opportunities and prospects at Art & Science Open Day!

There, you’ll hear an intro lecture on bioart, see the projects of Art & Science students, explore the prospects of this specialization, and learn how to apply for the Art & Science Master’s program. 

Those who will attend the open day in-person can join an art practice with living organisms during a workshop by Laura Rodriguez, one of the Art & Science lecturers.

The lectures will run online and offline. Presentations and workshops will be held at Art.ITMO.Residency (Birzhevaya Liniya 16) and broadcasted on YouTube.

The registration form and link to the online event can be found here.


Everyone is welcome to participate.


ITMO University’s Art & Science Center


ITMO University’s Art & Science Center