Online hackathon: Disruptive Information Technologies for Cross-Border Economic Development

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ITMO University together with the partners of the Cross-Border Dimensions of Disruptive Information Technologies project (CroBoDDIT) invites students to join an online hackathon on disruptive information technologies for cross-border economic development.

The hackathon will be held online on April 23-25 within the 2014-2020 South-East Finland – Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Program.

Launched in 2019, CroBoDDIT aims to develop cross-border cooperation between Russia and Finland in the field of IT and economic growth. The project’s partners (LUT University, Forum Virium Helsinki, St. Petersburg Information and Analytical Center, and ITMO University) promote the use of advanced information technologies, including IoT, blockchain, and big data, for the development of modern economy and efficient resource management.

The outcome of the project is a specialized information and communication infrastructure for efficient waste management. This infrastructure will bring together the expertise of its numerous partners and potentially lower transportation and recycling costs by introducing IoT technologies and digital platforms used to create decentralized online blockchain-based services.

The hackathon offers solo and team (recommended) participation formats. As a result, the international board of experts will select three winners who will have the chance to do their internships at partner companies.

The registration for the online hackathon is open till April 20.


ITMO Bachelor’s and Master’s students, as well as anyone with a background in the field of the Internet of Things, blockchain, and big data are welcome to participate.


  • ITMO University
  • CroBoDDIT


The hackathon’s official website