Online Lecture: Metamaterials Research for the Tunable Plasmonic Resonator

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On September 27, Dr. Saad Al Kenany, a professor from the University of California, Berkeley, will deliver an online lecture on Metamaterials Research for the Tunable Plasmonic Resonator as part of an open course on mega-science projects in Russia and abroad. 


Matthew Lawson et al. (Physical Review Letters 123 (2019) 141802) have proposed a new variant of the microwave cavity dark matter axion experiment (P. Sikivie, Physical Review Letters 51 (1983) 1415), by which a wire array metamaterial serves as the resonator. The plasma frequency is determined by the wire radius and spacing and can be designed to cover an important part of the mass (frequency) range of the current best estimates of the post-inflation axion. Furthermore, and most importantly, the plasma frequency is a property of the bulk material rather than the boundary conditions, as is the case for a microwave cavity, and thus the plasmonic haloscope may solve a long-standing conundrum, namely how to reach very high frequencies without the sacrifice of conversion volume. During this seminar, the speaker will describe the research on exploring the properties of wire array metamaterials and helping establish the feasibility of the tunable plasmonic haloscope for a real axion search.

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