Bike Ride With the Rector 15.0

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Being a family means enjoying time together.

Being a family means always having a reason to meet.

On May 25, ITMO.Family members will once again come together for a picturesque bike ride with ITMO’s Rector. 

Bike, scooter, roller skate, skateboard, or unicycle with us!

Being a family also means making sweet and spontaneous gifts – click here to learn how to win a rentfree bike for the ride or rent a bike here.

When: May 25, 7 pm.

Where: the entrance of Primorsky Victory Park, Krestovsky Ostrov metro station.


ITMO students and staff are welcome to join.


ITMO’s KronBars


Ivan Makagonov,

phone: +7 (921) 377-79-47