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On August 5-10, Napoleon IT together with ITMO University is running GEEKS & FREAKS HACKATHON as part of the joint project AI Talent Hub. At the hackathon, participants will generate techno music using neural networks and then present their tracks at a music festival. The hackathon is supported by Yandex Cloud.  

GEEKS & FREAKS HACKATHON aims to bring together aspiring data scientists and subculture members to produce fresh and truly unique content. Each team will consist of four data scientists and a sound producer. Together, they will use neural networks to create a set of tracks (not less than 5-minute long) for the festival. 

The hackathon will run both online and offline. Winners will be announced at Meridian – a city festival of electronic music and visual art that will take place on August 13 in Chelyabinsk, Russia. 

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The contest welcomes specialists from all over the world. All teams will have the chance to work at Napoleon IT’s office in Chelyabinsk and will receive access to Yandex Cloud’s services.


AI Talent Hub, Napoleon IT, and Meridian Festival


Victoria Borisova, marketing and PR specialist at AI Talent Hub

phone: +7 (921) 856-16-87


The hackathon’s official website

A chat for hackathon participants

AI Talent Hub’s Telegram channel

Al Talent Hub’s official website