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It is time that the stone took the trouble to bloom is a new online exhibit by ITMO’s Art & Science Center, inspired by Paul Celan’s poem Corona. The poetry of the preeminent German-language poet is filled with the desire to destroy the “reinforced reality” and to step into the world of art that exists beyond fixed meanings.

Virtual reality goes against the laws of the physical world, its objects existing in the state of infinite changing. The curators of the exhibition created a digital home to a great variety of life forms that blurs the distinction between the living and the non-living, the static and the dynamic, juxtaposing the principles of radical difference against the universal laws. 

The display features a series of artworks that were created specifically for the exhibition and are to be displayed for the first time.

The link to the online exhibition will be available starting March 24.

You can learn more about the event here.


Everyone is welcome.


ITMO’s Art & Science Center


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