University ITMO is in the top of the National University Rankings Russia

On 5 of June the results of the National Rating of classical and research universities for the 2012/2013 academic year. The Rating was organized by Interfax and radio Echo of Moscow. In the composite rating University ITMO is on 18 place. On the criterion of «Innovation and Entrepreneurship» ITMO is the 10th. For most other criteria University ITMO is also among the top 20. It should be noted that for the last 3 years, University ITMO strengthened its position in the ranking and rose to 1517 points.

In establishing of the rating, the data 105 universities was used. Among them were 73 traditional universities, 29 national research universities (NRU), two pedagogical universities and one university of vehicle.

Universities were evaluated on six points: educational activities, scientific research activity, socialization, internationalization or international activities of the, the brand of university and innovation and entrepreneurship, ie the achievement of the university in the field of innovation and commercialization.

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