ITMO University announces the beginning of the annual competition for the best final qualification research work (FQRW). Graduates of all departments of ITMO University, full-time and correspondence, are encouraged to apply.

The annual contest among university graduates is traditionally held in several stages.

First stage: Department Level

State certifying commission (SAC) determines no more than three best FQRW from each Department (from each educational track). Works that are not included in the top three finalists can be recommended for publication in the collection of annotated works. To publish the participants of the competition should submit the following materials to the Department of Scientific-Research Work of Students until June, 30, 2014:

  • participant application form in electronic and printed form (in duplicate);
  • abstract of final work, decorated to the following requirements in electronic and printed form in duplicate (an example of an annotation), the volume of abstracts is 3-4 pages;
    • materials of final qualifying work on a USB flash drive, including:
    • the questionnaire of the participant;
    • annotation for the digest;
    • the full text of the explanatory note;
    • presentation in PowerPoint format;
    • photograph of the participant for the digest.

Address: ITMO University, 49 Kronverksky Ave, aud. 309, Saint-Petersburg (Department of Scientific-Research Work of Students).

Reception hours:Monday, Tuesday, Thursday from 11am to 5pm (lunchtime from 1pm to 2pm).

Contact information:

Oleg Eliseev

Studenikin Oleg

Arseniy Knyshev

tel: (812) 232-04-64

Second stage: Faculty Level

Competitionon the Faculty of works recommended by departments conducted in the second stage. For the competition, the Department of Scientific-Research Work of Studentsprovidesis the Dean's office:

  • the questionnaire of the winners of the competition on the Department;
  • summary of the final work in the form of annotation.

The winner of the second stage is revealed in the result of the evaluation of research works by the expert council.

Third stage: University Level

At the third stage of the competition Department of Scientific-Research Work of Students generates statistics of complex assessment of works of the participants. Department of Scientific-Research Work of Studentsprovidesmaterials on the meeting of the scientific and technical council (STC) of the University. On the basis of the received materials and statistical data STC selects the best scientific-research work. Information about winners of the contest is placed on the portal of the ITMO University.

The winners of the contest for the best FCRW entering graduate school of the ITMO University, have a priority right to admission in the event of an equal number of points with the rest of the applicants for admission.

Winners will be awarded a diploma "The best final qualification research work" and memorable gifts. By results of competition the scientific supervisor of the winner receives the diploma "The best academic supervisor of the final qualification research work".

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