In the capital of Russia, on October 7, the Moscow International Salon of Education was launched. It was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Government, the Rossotrudnichestvo, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation and the Expo Center. 

Moscow International Salon of Education (MISE) was created in order to organize a permanent international expert discussion platform with the ability to simultaneously demonstrate advanced technologies and resources of the organization and support of the educational process. The event, held at the Expo Center Exhibition Complex, is attended by the representatives of various educational organizations, manufacturers of products and services in the field of education and the "consumers" of these services, as well as leading experts in the field and all interested in the development of modern education.

The exhibition area and the extensive business program are organized within MISE. And while the representatives of the government of the country, Russian and foreign universities, government organizations and venture capital funds are discussing the problems and prospects of development of national education, the visitors of the exhibition part of the forum have the opportunity to "touch" the results of the implementation of innovative ideas in the field of education with their own hands. The entire exhibition consists of various interactive projects, models and visualized solutions. Milling machines of a new generation, all kinds of devices, looking at that you can not immediately understand what they are for, diverse educational literature - all this you can not just learn about but also try out for yourself. A striking example is «Lego» educational stand, the creators of which offer everyone to construst a simple mechanism of the elements of the famous game. Even the representatives of the government and big business expressed their interest to the project. Business suits and ties did not prevent adults to "tinker" with the constructer, and then on a par with the pupils to try out a variety of innovative sports equipment, exhibited at one of the stands.

ITMO University also takes part in the MISE work. At the stand of the US-Russia Foundation for Economic Advancement and the Rule of Law (USRF) the University presented an educational program "EURECA", aimed at increasing research and entrepreneurial potential of Russian universities through new models of scientific and technical cooperation between the Russian and American universities. Today, "EURECA" is a large-scale project to develop the innovation ecosystem in Russia, one of the organizers of which is the ITMO University already over four years.

"Within this program, students have the opportunity to not only gain valuable theoretical and practical knowledge, but also to become an author of a startup, which can grow into a successful and profitable business. Technological entrepreneurship, its funding and support are one of the main ideas of the "EURECA", Nikolay Bovtunov, a leading analyst of the ITMO University Office of Innovation Activity, says.

As an example of "success stories" the stand presents a startup «Prixel», created by the joint accelerator program of USRF and ITMO University. The authors of the project have developed a technology that enables printing reproductions of paintings by the 3D-printer very close to the original and almost completely transmitting artist’s smear structure. Reproduction of the one of the last paintings of Vincent Van Gogh's "Lilac Bush", made using the technology of 3D-printing, caused an incredible delight of visitors. It was impossible to distinguish it from the original with the naked eye.

Stand of the ITMO University reflected the key areas of university innovation and international activities. Within the same theme «IT-solutions in education» the university was side by side with such companies as Panasonic, Adobe, Microsoft and many others.

In total, only the exhibition of the Moscow International Salon of Education was attended by more than 300 educational institutions, companies and business organizations providing services and solutions in the field of education. The organizers estimate that within three days MISE will be attended by more than 10 000 visitors. The comprehensive business and discussion program with the participation of leading experts in the field, as well as an extensive exhibition of innovative projects and solutions are planned for the event.

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