In October and November 2013 RIA Novosti together with Russian Venture Company will organize series of lectures and master classes devoted to the innovative development, venture processes, start-ups, etc.

Participation in the project will allow you to get the exclusive knowledge about the innovation and venture subject. Well-known journalists, venture investors and founders of the world known startups (Get Taxi and ABBYY, Kiwi, etc.) will perform as the lecturers.

RIA Novosti will conduct on-line broadcast of each lecture on the project page site, so you will be able to gain knowledge of the direct participants. There you will find the schedule of lectures and will be able to obtain additional material for each of them.

Broadcast of lectures will be at 6 pm Moscow time. Do not forget to turn on your computer!

The nearest lecture will take place on 22 of October and will focus on the state support of entrepreneurship in different countries. Pekka Viljakainen, the inspirer of the Startup Village will be a speaker.

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