Is There Room for Artistic Growth at a Technical University Like ITMO?

ITMO University is known as one of the best places for those who want to excel in engineering, science, or innovations. However, despite such a heavy emphasis on technologies, it also gives students an opportunity to express themselves through art, something many people would not expect.

Opening of DesArm design club. Credit:

Even in the technical field, there are people interested in art. Luckily, ITMO University has plenty of student clubs for those who have some time to spare. One of such clubs is DesArm — a place created for those who are interested in design. Open for anyone ready to be creative, DesArm offers workshops and intensive courses from experienced artists and programmers. However, the opportunity to develop design skills and create new works is not the only thing provided at the club. DesArm is known for its warm and inspiring atmosphere. It allows students to make new friends, interact with each other, and inspire others to create more.

On October 30, 2020, a brand new club opened at ITMO University. A group of people with the original name DesArm started operating and offering students an opportunity to learn more about art and specifically design.

The club is open for those who see themselves as artistic, stylish, and active people. DesArm has no strict requirements or rules for students interested in joining. The doors are wide open to complete newbies, as well as experienced designers ready to share their knowledge with others and simply spend some quality time creating new works.

DesArm offers various workshops by well-known designers, as well as intensive courses for both amateurs and more experienced artists. All activities are announced on the club’s VK page. Members can learn about upcoming events, register to participate, and ask questions. An open community like this also allows non-members to see what sort of knowledge and experience they can get at the club.

DesArm VK page. Credit:
DesArm VK page. Credit:

With regards to the actual contents of each course and classes, DesArm focuses on giving students unique and in-depth knowledge of design. Some of the recent topics of club meetings included basics of UX and creation of digital products, design of mobile interfaces and social media sites, motion and interior design. For those who missed a lesson or wants to refresh their knowledge, video recordings of events are uploaded on the VK page.

Another aspect of the club is building your portfolio. Participation in events will actually help you in the future by serving as a part of your portfolio. Since most students at ITMO do not major in something related to art, it is an extremely convenient way to ensure you get a job later.

One last important thing to mention is that at DesArm, creation of art is intertwined with relationships built within the club. "It is not just a club at ITMO University, it is a big family," said Anna Matrohina, leader of this community. Here, design works as something that connects many different people and allows them to become friends. Through new bonds, each member will be able to find inspiration for their work, share their experiences and learn new tips and tricks. So, students leave each club event not only equipped with new knowledge, but also with useful connections.

With the advance of technologies and art, I can safely say they both will continue to go hand in hand. And at ITMO University, new students will have a chance to develop and improve their design skills. I can imagine that with a club like DesArm, even more young people will discover a passion for creating.

Written by Anastasia Smirnova