Competition for financial support of students participating in online and offline short-term educational events


ITMO University holds a competition for financial support of the students who want to participate in online and offline educational activities. The duration of such events must be less than a month and its field must correspond to the applicant’s field of studies. Both Russian and international events are covered.

You can apply for online and offline conferences, seminars, schools, intensive courses, contests, championships, and other events that are arranged by our partners or other research and educational institutions. Choose a summer school in ISU, consult your professors, or find an appropriate option yourself.

Keep in mind that ITMO University can reimburse no more than 70% of your expenses (and no more than 70,000 rubles).

More information about the competition is available here. Your application must be submitted at least a month before the start of an offline event and at least a week before the start of an online event.


Bachelor's and Master's tuition-free students are welcome to apply.


ITMO University


ITMO Academic Mobility Support Office