ITMO University’s Presentations Cloud aims to solve several issues at once: to make life easier for university staff who won’t need to look for the right information next time they tell someone about the university; to provide access to the university’s bright and informative presentations to anyone interested; and, finally, to compile in one place all of the creative presentations that have been made at the first non-classical.

ITMO.SHOW is available to anyone with internet access: students, professors and ordinary online users are free to peruse the website’s content.

The benefit

The advantages of ITMO.SHOW are obvious. First of all, it is a solution to the decades-long practice of exchanging emails and memory sticks with guests at events where university staff showcases their projects. If anyone wants to have a second look at the material they were shown, they can easily find it on the website. Secondly, this makes life easier for those employees who conduct the presentations. Gone are the days when one had to carry around a thumbdrive or scramble through their emails to find the right file – now they can simply access the website from any computer and find the right presentation. The cloud could be a real lifesaver in cases of unplanned presentations, too. The third benefit is that the database contains concise, structured and well-illustrated information on the various areas of development of the university. There are also presentations that have been made for the purpose of presenting the university’s roadmap for Project 5-100.

How it works

To make the search process even simpler, all the presentations in my cloud are separated into basic categories/tags. As of now, there are three of them, a number that will increase as new material is added to the ever-growing database.

The “Science” category contains presentations on the university’s latest groundbreaking inventions and research. The “Global” category presents visitors with general information on ITMO University’s activities. The final of the current three categories, “Project 5-100”, provides material related to ITMO’s participation in the 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence Project. The database’s search function includes keywords, presentation titles and names of authors.

The service’s content is curated by ITMO University’s Advertising Office, where the final versions of university’s high-profile presentations are made. Any of the university’s employees can send a request to the Advertising Office to have their presentations added to ITMO.SHOW.

This is the first such initiative among Russian universities. The website is designed according to ITMO’s style. A quadrocopter traverses the screen while the homepage background changes according to the time of day.

ITMO.NEWS Editorial Office