Introduction Days

If you’re a first-year Bachelor’s or Master’s student, you’ll be diving headfirst into what ITMO is all about during the Introduction Days on September 2-3. You’ll explore the University's through an interactive quest and our staff and students will help you get to know the University’s values and practices, learn about support for innovation, opportunities for academic mobility, sports and careers.  Come Wednesday, you’ll be ready for class!

Student Office

For the first time, there’s a single point of entry for all organizational issues - the Student Office, located at Kronversky 49 room 159-a. They handle everything from transcripts and enrollment certificates to student card questions and academic mobility applications, and can redirect you to the right contact.

You can email them and also fill out an online application in ISU and you will be notified when you can collect the paperwork. 

Digital Gradebook

It wasn’t that long ago when students all over Russia would open their zachetka – a paper gradebook – before exams and proclaim: “Khalyava zaletai!” as in “Come to me, luck!!” Well, khalyava no more! Starting this year, gradebooks at ITMO are going digital. You don’t have to carry it around and worry about having a professor sign it – just take your exams and let the system do the rest. 

Blended Learning

Forget boring lectures. This year, we’re embracing blended learning in many of our classes, which means that lectures are actually delivered online, freeing up class time for discussions and presentations. You watch the lecture at home and come to class ready to rock.

To facilitate this format, we’ve created “flipped classrooms” – learning environments where everything can be rearranged to accommodate different forms of learning. A lecturer becomes more of a facilitator of the process and not just a presenter. You become an active participant be it in a small group, a fluid group or a deep dive by yourself. And maybe your insight will inspire the entire class!

Freedom of Choice

We’re pioneering the way electives are done in Russia. In the past, all students could do was pick a major. Now, students can pick classes from the new soft skills module and from the entrepreneurship, design thinking, and logic modules, as well as choose the difficulty of certain classes. In some programs, students can choose specializations. Second-year Bachelor’s students will also participate in intra-university mobility where they’ll get to pick a class from a completely different discipline to help them broaden their vision. ITMO University also provides support to students who choose to take online classes, including on open platforms like Coursera, to augment their education. 

ITMO.Family Campus Card

Every ITMO student has an electronic card that serves as their ID and an electronic key to all campuses and dormitories. You can also use it to check out books from the university library and get discounts at ITMO.STORE and university canteen, among other functions. 

If you have a Bank St. Petersburg debit card, you can also use it as your ITMO.Family card. To set it up, contact ITMO’s Access Control Offices at the following addresses:

Got an idea for what it can do? Email and let’s get a little closer to our very own digital economy.

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