Every potential intern can choose to apply themselves within one of five career roles: administrative manager, teaching assistant, young researcher, developer, or project head. Within each of these “tracks” exists a regularly updated list of job openings. The internships are paid and last between one and three months.

To join the program, one must pick their preferred role (or several), attach a resume and motivation letter, and fill out an application form. The chosen candidates will then need to complete preparatory training and familiarize themselves with the values and mission of ITMO University. Those who demonstrate the best performance will get to continue their career at ITMO.

According to the project’s creators, there are suitable internships not only for Bachelor’s and Master’s students – who may wish to apply their knowledge in practice and work on scientific and educational projects under the guidance of their experienced colleagues – but for graduates, as well, who will get to work in their field of study or try their hand at a new subject. Some of the internship options are available in hybrid or remote formats.

“In developing this project, we sought inspiration from major companies. These corporations attract the top specialists with the help of paid internships, during which both the employer and the potential employee get to know each other and see how well their goals align. Whatever the outcome, everyone wins. The interns gain experience and skills, while the company expands its staff pool. Now, we, too, have such a tool at ITMO. It’s a great chance for everyone who wants to join our team,” says Olga Maskalik, the head of the Center for Recruitment and Adaptation at ITMO University.

Applications can be submitted on the project’s website. Non-Russian citizens, too, are welcome to apply. Each application is reviewed within five business days.