Google Arts & Culture (Android, iOS)

Do you miss decoding secret messages in art’s greatest masterpieces? Have you ever wondered how Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night would look on your wall? Or maybe which Rubenesque character you resemble the most? With Google Arts & Culture, you can do that and more. Bringing together the worlds of technology and art, the app delivers a plethora of artwork and cultural touchstones from over 2,000 museums and archives right to your smartphone and offers all art lovers and culture vultures both educational and entertaining content. 


  • immerse yourself in real-time art with 360-degree views and a chance to zoom-in
  • explore museums and exhibitions near you
  • experiment with AR/VR: turn your selfies into renowned paintings or try on ancient artifacts
  • find your art doppelganger
  • discover artwork by color

Daily Art (Android, iOS)

The Daily Art app will make you forget about boring, encyclopedia-like stories and explore the world of art in the most compelling way. With a daily dose of paintings and informative blurbs, this app is a must for those wishing not only to discover classic and contemporary art but also learn about the greatest paintings and lesser-known pieces, become friends with Claude Monet and Édouard Manet, and plunge into the atmosphere of different historical periods.  


  • daily art inspiration
  • over 2,500 masterpieces, 700 artist bios, and 500 museum collections
  • create your gallery of favorites
  • share art with your family and friends
  • available in multiple languages

izi.TRAVEL (Android, iOS)

Whether you just can't visit a real museum anytime soon or want to gain a fuller understanding, technology has found a way to bring art right to you. All you need to do is download the izi.TRAVEL app, plug in your earphones, and enjoy a listen while taking a walk, visiting an exhibition, or enjoying the comfort of your home. From the Wonders of the World to the nearest tourist attractions, the app will be your personal guide into the world of hidden gems. With izi.TRAVEL, you can do it like a local – at your own convenience and pace without worrying about staying on schedule.


  • all museum audio guides and city tours in one app
  • 15,000 audio tours, 3,000 cities, 110 countries, and 70 languages
  • free walking mode: listen to stories about attractions near you
  • learn more about museum objects using the built-in QR scanner
  • create your own audio tours

Smartify (Android, iOS)

If you’ve ever come across an eye-catching painting and wondered about its history, your prayers have finally been answered. There is now a Shazam for art! The Smartify app, with its extensive database of artwork and descriptions, allows you to scan any artwork or object and discover its history: learn more about it, its author, and the story behind it. 


  • a database of over 2 million artworks
  • identify paintings and receive immediate results
  • details of upcoming exhibitions and online tours

While embracing the digital, don’t forget to discover St. Petersburg’s splendid museums, art galleries, and other popular locations for real-life experience. From modern and contemporary art and the city’s young artists to must-visit museums and ongoing events – you’re bound to find something you’ll love.