This season, I’m leaning into the late-night vibes with Good Looking by Suki Waterhouse. Shimmering, ethereal, and somehow old-school-ish and psychedelic (the chorus is such a bop!), this is the perfect choice for slow-paced walks in the still lightly-lit city when you want to feel all the feels – and do the inflatable dancing thing (jk). Five out of five as a white night soundtrack! Definitely deserves a spot on everyone’s playlist. 


If you were to ask me about a song for white nights yesterday morning, I would’ve undoubtedly said it’s Улицы ждали (The Streets Awaited) by Zoloto. But when is a better time to experience the transcendence, the freedom of Sufjan Stevens’ Tell Me You Love Me than on a white night, watching as the sky and the Gulf of Finland take turns imitating each other? Try it and you will see how this song takes your night to another level. 


For me, white nights in St. Petersburg were always about strolling alone along the city’s waterways until early morning. With earphones in and skies gray but still bright, the streets have a sort of dream-like quality to them. Electronic music completes the picture. At the top of my playlist would be Dust by M.O.O.N. Listening to this track while enjoying the vibe of the city at night is liberating. It feels like having to leave spring behind in order for summer to come. In one word: bittersweet.


My choice of tune for a summer night out in St. Pete feels a bit on the nose, but then again, predictable doesn’t always mean bad, does it? Today, I’m going with an old favorite, The Night by Morphine, a tremendously textured track that almost feels like you could sense its touch on your skin – velvety, warm, and calming. Just like the white nights themselves, it’s somehow melancholic yet upbeat, mysterious yet familiar, and seemingly lost in time.