Blast or not, the rain has its special soundtrack in summer – a soothing and refreshing one for me. Just like All My Life by The Lathmus, which happened to keep me company the last time I got caught in the rain, having lunch at a nearby bakery. Though, perhaps not so rain-about, the tune has cozy, soft vocals and a silver-lining vibe to it, inspiring you to enjoy every single moment there is. 


I feel like for me, there are two types of summer rain: the downfall you get caught under unprepared, leaning into it and getting soaking wet – so the fun type; and the thunderstorm that you contemplate through the window. For the fun kind, I’d choose Always Where I Need To Be by The Kooks – it reeks of recklessness that comes with leaving your house without an umbrella in St. Pete. And for the awed contemplation type, my one pick would have to be Caesar by The Oh Hellos; this one always makes me slow down, counting my breaths – a perfect thunderstorm companion. 


For me, summer rain feels refreshing yet melancholic – the very same adjectives I'd use to describe Beginning to Blue by Still Corners. And just like the rain is an intermission to the heat, this song helps me reconnect with my daydreamer part, which is usually overtaken by routine thoughts. Actually, I’d recommend listening to this album as a whole – it makes a magical soundtrack to an overcast day. 


Here’s my suggestion not for a rainy summer day (or a night) with almost an eponymous name – Rainy, Starless Nights by Index. This dreamy tune, despite its simplicity, sounds very special to me. My friend introduced me to this song years ago and I remember listening to it on repeat before going to sleep. I actually prefer the earlier version, even though the quality of the recording is lower.