To say that recently I have been on a spiritual journey would not be an exaggeration. Don’t get me wrong: as a Buddhist, I have always been religious, but this summer has been different. My experiences have reached a different level, mostly thanks to a friend of mine from Vietnam. She introduced me to this song during the Vesak celebrations and since then, I have been listening to it every day. It fills me up with positive energy and hope every time I listen to it, just like the summer. Therefore, this would be my summer anthem for 2023.


For me, summer has to be acoustic, mostly upbeat, maybe with a tinge of nostalgia – but definitely with the spirit of exploration. Somehow, this year, all of this came together in my old-time favorite: Home by Gabrielle Aplin. When else would you look for your ultimate home inside yourself if not in summer, when the weather and the majestically beautiful clouds are there to support you on this journey?


I think it’s physically impossible to make a summer playlist without Island in the Sun by Weezer. Laid-back, summerly, and vibey, it’s hands down the epitome of summer, a piece of the blooming season in a song, both lyrics- and tune-wise. If you’re in desperate need of something chill and joyful, even if it’s snowing or bucketing down outside, this song will do the job for you – second to none.


If I were to sum up the summer experience in one tune – which is exactly what we happen to be doing today – I’d go with Summer Sun, a dreamy, flowery track executed to perfection by Matt Berry. Though you might more likely recognize him from his on-screen work, Berry is an incredible multi-instrumentalist with a strong penchant for old-school synth-infused prog rock (try saying that out loud!). This particular track, with its echo-y sound and funky flow, evokes that ethereal quality of a hazy August evening that – and even summer haters would agree – is like none other.