Igor Grabar exhibition 

  • July 22 - September 20
  • The Benois Wing, The Russian Museum
  • 400 rubles (200 for students)

Impressionism lovers, rejoice! This exhibition was organized to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Igor Grabar, a Russian representative of this visual genre, as well as an art scholar. His works range from breezy landscapes to portraits of Russia’s famous musicians and scientists, as well as his own family. Live through one perfect summer day or catch beams of sunlight streaming from an elegant fruit piece, as you walk from painting to painting, invariably trying to relate to everything you see, picturing yourself in the surroundings captured one century ago. It’s a safe route to a perfect weekend, if you ask us. Don’t forget that to use your student discount, you don’t have to buy the ticket online – simply purchase it at the museum’s entrance. And naturally, bring your student ID!

Raphael Santi. La Belle Jardinière: Madonna and Child with Saint John the Baptist

This one is an exhibition loaded with meaning and symbolism, as originally the painting it is centered on was supposed to be part of the After Raphael exhibition hosted by the Hermitage Museum in 2020. Due to the pandemic, the masterpiece that usually resides in the Louvre has only reached St. Petersburg now – making for an unexpected but welcome continuation of both the original exhibition and the series Masterpieces from the World’s Museums in the Hermitage. Demonstrating the strength of the museum community even or perhaps especially in these uneasy times, the event also allows visitors to admire the painting in all its greatness and significance – on its own. This is a wonderful chance to get lost in the Hermitage and then discover one of the legendary masterpieces known all over the world. Don’t forget to purchase your tickets online beforehand – and bring your student ID! 

All Together Opera 

  • August 7, 5 pm (GMT+3 – Moscow time)
  • online
  • free

This annual festival is meant to bring classical and all-time favorite opera pieces out of pompous theaters and into the unique historical surroundings of St. Petersburg. Traditionally, it is held at open air stages all over the city center – but this year only the artists will be present at the stage, while opera enthusiasts can watch the performance from the comfort of their own homes. And it will be quite something: this year, the festival ends with a rendition of Verdi’s La traviata, a legendary piece to say the least. The best performers from St. Petersburg’s theaters, as well as opera singer Daniela Schillaci, Italy, as Violetta, accompanied by incredible orchestral music will most certainly create a show to remember. You can join in the broadcast to welcome opera into your home! 

Matthew Brandt. Orphic Forest

Finally, something by Erarta Museum, a regular member of our weekend guides. This is an immersive exhibition with pieces created by Matthew Brandt displayed especially for this event. This American artist is known for his experiments with extraordinary unexpected materials – this time, metal and silver. Object-wise, as the title suggests, the exhibition focuses on trees – as the artist travelled to St. Petersburg to walk in the local forests and capture the feelings and images that occurred to him. Get ready to experience the Russian forest as you never have before, and who knows, you might just step out of the expo as a convinced forest fairy – or at least an admirer of contemporary art.