Pink Floyd symphonic show 

Here’s an event for any and all Pink Floyd fans and rock music enthusiasts: at the show, all-time favorite hits will be performed by a rock band, a renowned symphony orchestra, and some of the city’s best opera singers. This will undoubtedly be a night to remember.

Nature photography exhibition

  • March 18 - August 30, 11 am - 7 pm, Tuesdays are days off
  • Zoological Museum
  • 400 rubles (200 for students)

At this exhibition meant to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the city’s oldest nature photography club, visitors will explore Russia’s flora and fauna through breathtaking images taken by the club’s members. Peaceful landscapes, macrophotography, and portraits of rare species – a whole world of nature will open to those who decide to take the trip to the Zoological Museum.

Concerts at the Philharmonia

A wonderful chance to discover the music of the Balkans and the Middle East is the Byzantine Ornament concert by the Acid Hasid ensemble. You will hear a selection of electrifying dances and more peaceful melodies that will definitely inspire you to learn more about their original cultures. The show is on Monday, 3 pm (tickets here).

At another concert, you will have the chance to relive some of your favorite scenes from movies and musicals, as well as explore the musical world of Soviet cinema classics. This program is bound to make for a light-hearted, entertaining evening. The concert is on Monday, 7 pm (tickets here). 

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me at Lenfilm

In this prequel to the legendary TV series, viewers will learn the story of the last week in the life of Laura Palmer, whose murder investigation formed the plot of the series. This screening will definitely be a treat for anyone missing a good old thriller – and if you’re not the kind, perhaps don’t step into this lightl