Exhibition: I’d Always Known We Would Meet

  • June 16 - August 31; Mon, Wed, Thu 12 pm - 8 pm; Fri-Sun 12 pm - 10 pm; Tuesdays are days off
  • Third Place
  • 1,000 rubles (600 rubles for students)

Referred to by its organizers as the event of this summer, this exhibition brings together works by prominent contemporary artists in a variety of formats – from painting to happening. Its curators describe the exhibition as one exploring all aspects of meeting the other, be that another person, an animal, or something else, by putting an emphasis on the visitors’ experience. Admittedly, the descriptions of the event found online are captivating if a little vague, luring the visitors in to see it with their own eyes. You can get your ticket here.

Piano covers of rock hits – with a sea view

Among the many events hosted by Sevkabel Port, a series of live concerts is, perhaps, the most romantic one. This weekend’s one will give you the chance to hear the most popular rock bangers of all time performed on a grand piano by one of St. Pete’s best, Stanislav Chagadayev. Sevkabel Port’s natural ambience, created by the spectacular view on the Gulf of Finland, will add to the experience. You can get your ticket here

Boris Chaika. Silence Formula 

Have you been craving some peace and quiet? At this exhibition, you will enjoy both to your heart’s content. St. Petersburg-based artist Boris Chaika invites you to pay attention to your own inner world as you explore the immersive space created by his visual works and the accompanying ambient sounds that insulate visitors from the external life. Seems like just what the doctor ordered after a stressful exam period.

Whiplash on the big screen

If you missed your chance to watch Whiplash (2014) last year, Rodina Cinema has brought it back to the big screen again. This gripping drama narrating the story of an aspiring young jazz drummer seems to only increase its fanbase with age.  Whether you are interested in director Damien Chazelle (La La Land) personally, or festival movies in general, this is definitely a film worth seeing – especially when it’s screened at a historic location in the heart of St. Petersburg. You can get your ticket here.

The movie is screened in English with Russian subtitles. 

Bonus event

On June 24, St. Petersburg will be all about this year’s school graduates, who will be celebrated with the annual Scarlet Sails festival. Even though only the graduates are admitted to the concert, anyone will be able to watch the fairy tale ship going down the Neva River through the open bridges. If you are okay with navigating the crowd, you may want to watch the festival from the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. Otherwise, the show will be livestreamed here.