Scale new heights

If you and your friends aren’t the fearing type, you can make your next b-day an adventure by celebrating it at a rope park. Luckily, there are quite a few in the city – and even more outside it. What else is great about them is that they usually have a whole lot of other no-less-exciting activities to try in addition to rope tracks. At Energiya Vysoty, for instance, you can do some climbing and bouldering, jump on trampolines, and have a “meal of champions” in-between or after – basically, it has everything you need to keep the action and laughter going. And as a nice bonus, you will get a 50% discount on your special day. – Marina

Have fun with good old board games

Back when I didn’t have my own little board game collection at home, I loved celebrating my birthdays (or other noteworthy occasions) at anti-cafes. On your birthday, you typically get a discount, they have lots of games and friendly staff who are ready to help you get the rules right, and typically they would offer unlimited snacks and beverages. And if you get extra-hungry, you can always order delivery from somewhere – there are no restrictions on pizza, as long as you keep your greasy fingers away from all the cards and dice and wash your hands before returning to game mode. There are lots of such places in the city, but my favorites are Playloft GaGa near the Admiralteyskaya station and Mansarda near the Mayakovskaya station, both with romantic views of iconic St. Pete rooftops. – Catherine

Enjoy the breeze

If your birthday is anywhere between May and September, you’re in luck: the wonderful Gulf of Finland is at your disposal. Even on the hottest summer days, the temperatures tend to be enjoyably temperate, and the sea breeze and abundant nature complete the picture. There are many great destinations along the coast, but one of the best choices is Komarovo – it’s relatively close to the city, easy to reach by train or bus, and even has some nearby sights to see, such as the cozy Penaty. And if you can’t be bothered to stage your own seaside picnic, invite your guests for a munch sesh at Kellomaki (aka Larisochnaya) for some positively decadent, authentic chebureki. – Vadim

Escape the escape room

Thrill-seekers who love solving puzzles are sure to have a fun – or frighteningly fun – time at escape rooms. With sites all over the city, World of Quests, if that’s what you choose, offers a rather thrilling collection of escape rooms themed around mind-bending puzzles, haunted houses, murder mysteries, and even some iconic horrors like Insidious or Silent Hill to tickle your nerves even more. If you want to shake up the birthday party game, all you need to do is choose the complexity or scariness of your adventure – and be ready for a celebration to remember. – Marina