This Saturday, June 23, St. Petersburg will host one of the summer’s most exciting events, the Scarlet Sails, a romantic festival, created to congratulate school graduates on the beginning of their adult life journey. First started in June 1968, the concept of the festival is based on the fairy tale by Alexander Green, Scarlet Sails. The celebration starts with a concert on Palace Square, followed by a spectacular show on the Neva River. Note that the entrance to Palace Square is invitation-only for school graduates, but there will be another stage on Vasilievsky Island where all other guests can join the concert while waiting for the main part of the festival. The concerts kick off at 10:20pm, but make sure to come to the Neva embankment in advance as it might get really crowded.

From June 24 till July 4, the Peter and Paul Cathedral is hosting the 17th International Carillon Festival. Made of a series of bells of different sizes, a carillon is one of the largest musical instruments in the world. The first carillon in Russia was purchased by Peter the Great and consisted of 35 bells. Today’s carillon is composed of 51 bells with the biggest bell weighting 3075 kg. Any kind of music, from classics to folk and blues, can be played on this peculiar instrument. Renowned musicians from several Russian cities will take part in the festival. The first concert will be given by a famous Flemish musician Jo Haazen at 7pm on June 24 in the Peter and Paul Fortress. Entrance is free.

The Summer Garden, one of the greatest gardens in St. Petersburg, will soon become even more beautiful thanks to the Imperial Gardens of Russia Festival which will be held from June 21 till June 27. Florists and designers will turn the garden into the kingdom of flowers. Take a stroll through the magnificent park, visit astonishing floral exhibitions and admire more than thirty species of roses! Entrance fee is 430 rub.

Whatever you choose, we hope you enjoy your weekend! Yours truly, ITMO.NEWS.