Art Deco Figurines from the Collections of Sergey Morozov and Evgeny Gerasimov

This exhibition is a great opportunity to dive into the world circa 1920s-1930s – hopeful and trusting in technological advances as it was, with exquisitely furnished houses, decorated with a unique attention to detail. Art Deco is definitely a style to reflect on, as we find ourselves once again in an age of new hope for progress in all areas of our lives. The exhibition features figurines of this period, “a brief phenomenon”, it states on the official website, that “expired with the outbreak of World War II”. Dancing, moving, elaborately dressed characters, all transporting you to those ideal visions of a hundred years ago – this is definitely a must-see. Don’t forget you have to buy tickets online and in advance.    

Russia-Italia Film Festival 

For the next two weeks, St. Petersburg will host the 7th Russia Italia Film Festival, presenting the best new Italian movies of all genres – short films, comedies, dramas – from world-renowned directors and independent studios plus two Fellini classics to mark the 100th anniversary of his birth. For Saturday, December 5, the program includes Raphael: a Sensitive Genius with a preceding lecture about the great artist (2:30 pm); Stories of Our Lives, a collection of short films (5 pm); and One of the Family, a comedy about an honest man with criminal benefactors (6:50 pm). Then, on Sunday, December 6, you’ll have the chance to see The Last Movie Painter, a documentary about Renato Casaro, one of the most famous living movie poster illustrators (2:30 pm); Il colpo del cane (The Dog Snatch), a comedy about two dog sitters who have the dog entrusted to them stolen on their first day (3 pm); and Cetto c'è senzadubbiamente (This Is Without a Doubt Dubious), a comedy about a mafia boss having to go back to his hometown to visit his sick aunt (5 pm). Note that all films will be screened in their original language with Russian subtitles. 

Philip Treacy. The Maestro exhibition

  • November 20, 2020 – March 21, 2021
  • Erarta  
  • 600 – 1000 rubles (but you can return to the museum for free for the next 365 days)  

The spectacular Philip Treacy show is back again – for Erarta’s 10th anniversary this time. Bold ideas, experiments with pallets and materials, hats worn by royalty and celebrities alike – all of this cries “high fashion” and gives off strong The Devil Wears Prada vibes. If you don’t know who he is, Philip Treacy is the world’s one and only recognized haute couture milliner (or hat-maker, in case you, too, were unfamiliar with the term). His last show in Erarta was so successful that he decided to make an even greater one as a gift to the museum on its special date. The new exhibition will feature visitors’ favourites from the Hats in the 21st Century exhibition, as well as new creations previously unseen in Russia. You can purchase the tickets both online and at the museum’s ticket office – note that each ticket will let you enter the museum for free for the next year. 

Online charity market by International Women’s Club 

  • December 6, 2 - 4 pm 
  • Online
  • Free

International Women’s Club is a St. Petersburg-based community of expatriate men and women providing support and friendship to expats living in the city. This weekend, they are holding an online charity market open for everyone – with proceeds going to local non-profit organizations. To participate in the market, you can join the Zoom conference and watch the members showcase their items for sale, as well as place your bids. You also have the opportunity to peruse the items in advance here. Note that the market does not support online payments and you will be informed about the billing details shortly after the market ends.

Grounding Art & Science conference 

Credit: Dave Lowe (@davelowephoto) on

Credit: Dave Lowe (@davelowephoto) on

  • December 5,  12 - 4 pm 
  • Online
  • Free

You might already know December 5 as World Soil Day and if you don’t – this is your chance to learn more about the importance of soil and the way it can be used sustainably. This Saturday, you will also have the opportunity to look at the problem from the point of view of science art following discussions by artists, researchers, writers, and art historians. Great things are bound to come from the merge of creativity with a crystal clear mind, and maybe you will be the one to solve the problem of soil, inspired by what you learn at the conference. To sign up for the conference, follow this link.