Silver with a twist


Avgvst is one of the key jewelry brands in today’s Russia and rightfully so. They’re masterful at merging basic and avant-garde designs, which makes their products highly memorable. Take this lollipop trinket, for example – it’s simple but, at the same time, it does a great job at drawing your attention.


In Endemica’s collections, you’ll find a wide variety of pieces with mesmerizing abstract shapes, such as this ring titled Myosotis, at which I could stare forever.


This brand is all about edgy designs with spikes and oversized details that can help you either complete an already subculture-inspired look or add something a little bit out-there to a more casual outfit.

Statement pieces 


You’re going to love this brand’s collections if you like your accessories to look fun – signature smiley faces and exceptionally bright colors, such as purple, hot pink, and neon green, bring back some of the early ‘00s glamor and extravagance.


The name of this brand speaks for itself – Strazochnaya can be roughly translated as “a rhinestone place,” so those who want to shine bright will have a hard time not going on a shopping spree. And who can blame them? 

Девушка с серёжкой (Girl with an Earring)

These accessories are for those who are not afraid to stand out. If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate to browse their website, especially since the price range is pretty low for such unique products – massive and absolutely beautiful beetle earrings and crocodile rings aren’t something you see every day.

A modern take on old ideas


LOM is a project by historical reenactment enthusiasts who draw inspiration from archaeology and actually recreate ancient designs. Isn’t it wonderful to see pieces designed centuries ago, and not in a shabby shape, as they usually appear at a museum, but in a perfect, ready-to-wear condition? 


Spherical pearls are a classic, baroque pearls, on the other hand, look more trendy and unusual. See for yourself – their irregular shapes make each piece, such as these cloud-like earrings, truly unique.